Thursday, April 14, 2011

Café 84 and World Hunger

Though it’s built under my apartment, I rarely go to Cafe 84 anymore. Discovering the glorious Armando’s Lunch Truck basically means that there’s no point to going to that overpriced, brand-named, mediocre-quality, pile of food court crap.

But today we were filming, so I only had a couple minutes to eat. I got some generic scary-yaki fried rice and proceeded to the checkout line, whereupon I beheld this sight:

Miss Gorgeous McTrojan, getting angry over her misorder of “large” nachos instead of “medium” ones. And by ‘misorder’ I mean she ordered the wrong size by accident and by god, it was the cafeteria’s fault.

I knew where this was going. She would refuse to pay for the extra nachos and would send it back to the kitchen. To be thrown away. To fester in the hot Los Angeles sun. What a waste of a perfectly good plate of some perfectly unappetizing nachos.

But as I sat and ate my food, she walked over to the other end of my empty table, and began to furiously devour the huge plate of said nachos.

…So she didn’t send the food back! I felt so proud of her! I really just wanted to tell her, “Thank you. Thank you for taking the high road. Thank you for not needlessly throwing away food in this world where thousands of people starve to death every day. Thank you.

Of course, I didn’t say any of this. I just sat there munching on my rice and thinking about what a great blog post this would make. But when she got about a third of the way in, she stood up, stormed across the room, and dumped the rest in the trash can.

So glad I didn’t say anything.