Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Giant Paper Crane

The only rule to our final project was that it had to be taller than us.

I decided to make a giant paper crane, something I sort of dove into without much planning. It ended up being pretty fun.

However, folding normal-sized origami cranes is complicated enough; Try folding a piece of paper the size of the entire studio floor.

I mean, I would have to run from end to end to fold the thing in half. It took all my spatial ability to discern whether things inside the crane were correctly aligned. And I took off my shoes so I wouldn’t track dirt on the paper.

As epic as I felt, I’m sure the rest of the class thought I looked like an idiot. I’m kicking myself right now for not videotaping the whole ordeal. It woud’ve made a fun time-lapse film to see me running around like that. I was a lot more sore from lifting and folding than I thought I’d be (that much paper can get pretty heavy). Towards the end, Erika and Amber helped by holding down corners and stuff.

A little bit of wooden scaffolding one weekend (with the help of Zack and my String Cheese Incident playlist) and the sculpture managed to stand up on its own! Holy crap! So many things could’ve gone wrong but didn’t. The glue dried correctly, none of the sides ripped apart, I didn’t dismember myself on the chop saw, etc.

Here’s the final product! Not sure what to do with it, now that critiques are over. Oh well, mission accomplished!