Tuesday, December 6, 2011

nDynamics are a Good Thing.

Obligatory “finals week has arrived” opener.

Here is the result of several determined hours of nested goal weights, deformers, and particle caching:
As I should’ve guessed, getting telekinetic paint to fly around turned out to be more complicated than it seemed.

Yesterday, while brushing my teeth, I had a massive epiphany to goal the particles to an invisible sphere rigged with various deformers, and then either keyframe the sphere’s motion of put it on a motion curve. When it hit me, I actually yelled out loud and scared my roommate a little bit.

Anyways, here are some test renders of the paint with physical lighting:
“Go now, blob of paint, be free! Join the other blob of paints, it is your destiny.”

I am shooting for having the sequence and set rendered out for class next Wednesday. The camerawork will be simpler than the final animation, which will be completed over the holidays.

I will be giving the camerawork (DoF, lens shaders, etc) and editing (with audio!?!) tons of planning and attention of their own. It will be like another project ENTIRELY.