Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chromakinetics: Motion Capture and Fluid Dynamics

I have completed Chromakinetics! My first animation using motion capture and fluid dynamics. One of the most complicated projects I’ve ever completed. The fluids are nParticles set up to a system of goal weights and collision triggers. It was not easy caching all those fluid calculations.

The character is animated by a suited actor (me) in a studio with 46 Vicon infrared cameras. His hands were animated manually(no pun intended) and the camera animation was a combination of virtual cam and scripted expressions that mimic the “handheld look.”

I rendered out the entire animation in 720p, optimizing with the use of mipmaps,cards, and LOD modeling. It was rendered on two machines (mine and my roommate Nathan’s) and took a day and a half to fully render. I applied motion blur in post, using the CC Force Motion Blur in Adobe AfterEffects (I would’ve used Nuke but didn’t have access this weekend.)

Anyways, It was a great experience and I hope you all enjoy this short film! Thank you to my professors Eric Hanson and Eric Furie for their guidance and support and have a great long weekend everyone!