Friday, September 28, 2012

Some IK/FK Character Rigs for Scrapyard:

These are some of the playable characters in our game we are developing in CTIN-491. The greybox geometry was modeled by our sculptor extraordinaire, Michael Muwanguzi and the character designs are by our art director, Ryan Sullivan. I built the mocap-friendly skeletons, skinned the mesh, and built the IK/FK control rig for each character. Several more after the jump:
Feline Character Rig, Inverted legs, IK/FK switch for all limbs (Reversed IK/Fk after the jump).
This is the Bruiser Character Rig. Normal biped setup.

Bruiser in default mode, with IK legs and FK arms.
Bruiser with FK legs active and IK arms active.
Feline with arm IKs active and the leg FKs active.