Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Low poly Scrapyard bear rig with two-handed weapon

Here's Scrapyard's tankiest character, the Bear. He's a sledgehammer-wielding tough guy. I had to modify his character rig to facilitate two-handed weapon wielding. Expand below for more info.

The rig has standard IK/FK limb controls. By default, the hammer is attached to the hand.

Inverse kinematics for the left hand is switched on.
Currently, the right arm is detached from the hammer when forward kinematics is activated.
Fully enabling IK on the right hand causes it to "snap" to the handle of the sledgehammer.
The width of the grip can be scaled along the handle by the W (wide) / N (narrow) slider switch on the left.
This is the minimum width the grip can be. The slider has a creatively named "N" for narrow.
On the right (bear's left) there's a switch to attach/detach the hammer (so it can be strapped to the back, thrown, etc.) A control handle appears when the hammer is detached from the hand.