Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Photography and CG abstraction

These are a couple renders for my photo class. I'm going to take some time this semester to explore the relationships between surreal abstraction, reality, and sculpture. From a technical standpoint, I wanted to place blatantly CG objects into real locations and challenge myself to match the lighting as best as possible.

Both of these locations are within 20 feet from my off-campus apartment. Neither are rather photogenic, which made them attractive for this project. Pictures were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel t3i.

The sculptures were modeled, lit and rendered (deliberately untextured) in Maya and composited in Photoshop. I put some attention towards matching the film noise and chromatic aberration as best as possible. It was a fun challenge.

As the semester goes on, I will be adding more images to this series, so stay tuned! If you're interested in printing them, ultra-res versions (5k) available upon request.

Overdue Update - and the Phreak!

Hey guys!

For the rest of the semester (my last semester of college), I am happy to announce that I've accepted an animation production internship at Industrial Toys! We are developing a mobile sci-fi shooter, called Morning Star. My first shipped game! Exciting stuff!

Anyways, Scrapyard at USC also has some big plans as we gear up for GDC. Shown here is my latest character rig, our third playable class, "the Phreak." Unlike the feline and bear, he is noticeable more...fishy mechanical. He is visually designed and modeled by fellow Scrapyarder and character artist, Michael Muwanguzi, with input from the rest of the team. I really dig his claw.

Included are a couple of my quick proxy animations for reference. As you can see, the Phreak is meant to be a very bizarre guy. More info on his kill attack soon! (It will be the strongest in the game by far.)

Well, that's it for my Scrapyard update. Maintaining this blog between 2 jobs and college will be life on Hard Mode, but I will give it my best!